Intro to [ the restaurant industry ]

Here is an overview of who we are, how your restaurant can benefit, and where you can support our efforts to continue doing so.

We think and write about the internet and technology as it relates to the restaurant industry.

There are some side topics we are exploring about marketing, leadership, culture, law, design, future technology, productivity, and consumer behavior.

Right now, we have a team exploring Covid and the current moment it has us in as an industry (and a guest) — also, we are thinking about what the future may be for the restaurant industry as the result of these current and future pandemics. Pandemics prove your restaurant the business and the staff

The through-line in our content to come will be that it is centered around understanding and leveraging the web and tech for restaurants.

Oh, please note, we have a hometown focus on small, independent restaurants in Orlando and the greater Orlando area — Central Florida (at the most).
Why? Great question. More on that in another post.

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